Elderly Assistance Benefit


The Elderly Assistance Benefit (EAB) was designed to mitigate the effect of the global economic crisis upon certain categories of elderly persons in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  1. EAB shall be payable for life to a person who attained the age of forty-five years or over on the 5th January 1987 and –
    1. is not in receipt of a pension under  the Act or these Regulations
    2. is not in receipt of –
      1. An income equivalent to the elderly assistance pension, or
      2. A regular income from any other source;
    3. is not engaged in remunerative work
    4. was actively employed for a significant number of continuous years, prior to the 5th January 1987, in the informal or seasonal sector;
    5. is resident in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at the date of claim and has been so resident –
      1. For four of the five years immediately preceding his claim for elderly assistance pension;
      2.  For a period of at least twenty-five years since age twenty.


The weekly rate of elderly assistance pension shall be thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents payable in accordance with these Regulations