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NISSVG Pensioners Appreciation Day 2023

NIS hosts Pensioners Appreciation & Health Day

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent. –The National Insurance Services (NIS) honored more than 200 pensioners from across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) when it hosted a Pensioners Appreciation & Health Day at its Kingstown Headquarters on Friday, December 1.

Nurses testing Pensioners.

Chairman of the NIS Board, Mr. Lennox Bowman, expressed gratitude towards the pensioners for helping to strengthen the social security system and assisting with the overall development of SVG. He announced that the NIS will soon launch an organization to provide access to a wide range of services for pensioners.

Featured speaker, Director of the NIS, Mr. Stewart Haynes said the day was being held to show appreciation for the work pensioners have done in fortifying the NIS and contributing to the development of SVG. He said the NIS is a fundamental pillar of the Vincentian society, as it is a safety net to many persons.

Mr. Haynes said the NIS provides pension to nine thousand, three hundred and forty-nine persons (9349) (in funeral grants, sickness, maternity, invalidity, survivor’s and employment injury and pension benefits) which speaks to the financial impact the NIS has on many lives. The Director said in 2022, the NIS paid out $75 million and the estimated pension payout for 2023 is $80 million.

He also mentioned the ongoing public debates on pension reform, assuring the senior citizens that the proposed measures will not reduce the value of their pension. Director Haynes stated, “We aspire to ensure that the payment is secured for life. This is one aspect that typically gets lost in the debate on NIS. But we make a concerted effort to ensure the security of your benefits, and where practicable, we would increase your benefits to protect against inflation.”

Pensioners enjoying BMI Testing.

Mr. Haynes explained that the leadership of the NIS takes its responsibility for managing Vincentians’ money seriously, underscoring their commitment to ensuring the sustainability of an efficient, cost-effective, and customer-friendly social security system.

Remarks were also shared by the Coordinator of the Golden Years Trust, Ms. Joy Matthews. She encouraged the elderly to stay active by gardening, going to the beach, volunteering, and socializing. She also advised them to keep track of their health checks and stay abreast of current events.

The Pensioners Appreciation and Health Day was made possible with the support and involvement of the Ministry of Health, the National Lotteries Authority, Coreas Distribution Limited, Massy Pharmacy, Courts Optical and Leb’Elle Foot and Nail Clinic.

The event provided the senior citizens with a delicious breakfast which included fresh fruits. They also received free health services such as nutritional counseling, eye, kidney, and BMI (Body Mass Index) testing, and foot care consultations.