Sickness Benefits

Sickness Benefit provides insured persons with financial support if they lose income while they are ill and away from work. They can receive monetary support up to 26 weeks.

  1. A person between the ages of 16 and pensionable age,
  2. who has paid at least 26 weekly contributions; and at least 8 contributions in the 13 weeks before the illness, and
  3. Has been employed immediately before the illness.
Please note that:
  1. A claim for Sickness Benefit must be supported by a medical certificate given by a medical doctor. The claim form should be submitted to the NIS office by the claimant within 15 days of visiting the doctor and the medical certificate should be submitted to the employer.
  2. Sickness Benefit will only be paid if illness lasts for more than three (3) consecutive days. We do not pay for the first 3 days. However, they should still submit the claim to the NIS in the event that there is a subsequent claim that is linked with the first one.
  3. Sickness Benefit is not paid for Sundays.
  4. Sickness Benefit is not available to persons who are in receipt of an Age Pension, or who  have received an Age Grant and returned to work.
  5. A person receiving Sickness Benefit should NOT work for any period for which benefit is paid.
  6. The payment would only be paid to the claimant if he/she is not receiving a full salary from his/her employer for the period of illness. If the claimant receives full salary, then the benefit will be paid to the employer.
  7. While you are receiving Sickness Benefit, no contributions are due to the NIS on your behalf. You will receive benefit credits. Benefit credits will ensure that your loss of earnings does not affect the entitlement to any further benefits.

Sickness Benefit would be denied for any of the following reasons:
  1. If the person becomes incapable of working because of his/her own misconduct.
  2. If the person is engaged in paid employment during the period of sick leave.
  3. If the person does anything to retard his/her recovery.
  4. If the person leaves the State without informing the NIS.
  5. If the person does not meet the qualifying conditions

An insured person will be paid sixty-five percent (65%) of his/her average weekly wages for up to 26 weeks.

N.B.  The benefit will only be paid if the person is not receiving full salary from his/her employer for the period of illness.


Average weekly earnings = Total Insurable Earnings13
Rate of benefit: 65% of average weekly insured earnings
Benefit payable: Daily rate x amount of benefit allowed

e.g. Claimant earns $1560 per month and claims Sickness Benefit for 6 days

Contributions used prior to claim = 13 weeks = 3 months

Average weekly Insurable Earnings = Total Insurable Earnings/13 = ($1560 x 3 months)/13 = ($4680)/13 = $360.00

Daily rate = ($360.00 x 65%)/6 = $39.00
Benefit payable: $39.00 x 3 days = $117.00 (3 waiting days have been deducted)

For subsequent claims within an eight week period the waiting days are not deducted.