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Voluntary Contributor Programme

Overseas Voluntary Contributors’ Programme

What is it?

The Legislation governing the Voluntary Contributory Coverage was enacted in 1997. However, this applied only to local nationals. In 2001 coverage was extended to Vincentians living abroad. This is to afford Vincentians residing abroad the opportunity to continue paying their NIS contributions or to become members of the NIS, particularly the undocumented Vincentians who cannot access social security in the country where they reside. Also, this is to provide Vincentian nationals in the Diaspora the opportunity to contribute to national development.

Who are Overseas Voluntary Contributors?

There are two requirements for being an overseas voluntary contributor:

  1. The person must be between ages 16 and Pensionable Age.
  2. The person must be a citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and reside in another country.

How do you Register?

Persons are required to complete an application form to be accompanied by copies of their passport or birth certificate, and marriage certificate where applicable. The application form can be obtained at Consulate offices abroad, or at the NIS Office. Persons can also download the form from our website.

How and When do you Pay Contributions?

  • The current contribution rate is 10.84%
  • Payments must be remitted on a quarterly or monthly basis.
  • The procedure for remittance of contributions is the one best suited to the contributor.
Methods of payments are:
  1. Electronic transfers to the NIS bank account.
  2. Establishing a bank account in St. Vincent making standing order provisions for payments to the NIS
  3. Direct payments using postal orders, wire transfers or bank drafts (personal cheques are not accepted).

Please note the following:

  • Persons between the age of 50 and 55 years, who are contributing for the first time, should select a quarterly income category of EC$1728 (category D) or below and should make retroactive payments.
  • Contributors should not miss a payment for more than 2 consecutive quarters. In extenuating circumstances, an extension may be granted but a request should be sent in writing to the director; all oustanding payments must be made in order to requalify. Failure to make the required payments will result in automatic disqualification. NB: voluntary contributors who failed to make the requisite contributions will not be allowed to make payments just to receive an age pension.

The categories of income are listed below:

Category Monthly Income Monthly Contribution Quarterly Income Quarterly Contribution (10.84%) Monthly Income Monthly Contribution Quarterly Income Quarterly Contribution (10.84%)
  US$ US$ US$ US$ EC$ EC$ EC$ EC$
A 1,392.00 150.89 4,176.00 452.68 3,716.64 402.88 11,149.92 1,208.65
B 960.00 104.06 2,880.00 312.19 2,563.20 277.85 7,689.60 833.55
C 768.00 83.25 2,304.00 249.75 2,050.56 222.28 6,151.68 666.84
D 576.00 62.44 1,728.00 187.32 1,537.92 166.71 4,613.76 500.13
E 385.00 41.73 1,155.00 125.20 1,027.95 111.43 3,083.85 334.29


If persons choose a particular category can they change or do they remain in this category indefinitely?


Yes, persons can make the appropriate change as their income level changes, but this can only be done after a 6 month period and the category must be immediately above or below.

What benefits are available to a Voluntary Contributor?

The following benefits are available to overseas voluntary contributors:

Local Voluntary Contributor Program

What is it?

The Legislation governing the Voluntary Contributory Coverage for local nationals was enacted in 1997. This coverage is designed for persons who have ceased working in insurable employment in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but wish to continue paying their NIS contributions. They must register in three months after ceasing employment.

Qualifying Conditions

Any person who:
  • Is sixteen years or over and under the Pensionable Age.
  • Ceases compulsory insurable employment in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • Is a citizen of St.Vincent and the Grenadines and resides in the State

Registration Procedures

Persons are required to complete an application form to be accompanied by copies of the birth certificate or passport and marriage certificate in case of married women

The Payment of NIS Contributions

  •  The current contribution rate is 10.84%
  •  Persons are required to pay contributions on their last updated monthly salary.
  •  Payments should be paid to the NIS office on a monthly or quarterly basis and must be fully paid before reaching Pensionable Age.
  •  Persons must have at least the requisite contributions by Pensionable Age.

Pensionable Age

Year of Birth Pensionable Age Required Contributions
1955 and before 60 500
1956-1957 61 550
1958-1959 62 600
1960-1961 63 650
1962-1963 64 700
1964 and after 65 750